Blotting paper

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Bugačica is made of soft and porous acid-free paper that meets the conditions for long-term storage according to DIN6738 and ISO 9706 standards. Absorbent paper, blotter is produced in one of the leading European and world paper factories, Hahnemühle, and you can see the certificate of durability and quality here .

Owing to the fact that it absorbs moisture extremely well, the sponge is most often used to remove moisture during paper restoration (for example, drying after washing the paper, replenishing it with Japanese paper or after the process of adding paper pulp – “leaf casting”). During these procedures, we also recommend using materials such as Reemay , Hollytex or Bondina between the plaster and the artwork to prevent them from sticking together during drying. Because of its softness, bugačica is also used for coating fragile objects. It is also often used as a lining in upholstery for drawers, shelves and display cases and as a separator for items that are sensitive to materials with an alkaline ph value. Although it is suitable for storing herbarium collections, it is not recommended to use the bugačica as a permanent separator or substrate.

Cotton bugger

  • 100% cotton
  • 330 g/ m2
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10 154 012Blotting Paper50 x 66 cm1351001,05  (7,91 kn) /sht
10 154 001Blotting Paper50 x 66 cm2401001,71  (12,88 kn) /sht
10 154 021Blotting Paper80 x 120 cm400506,76  (50,93 kn) /sht
10 154 022Blotting Paper80 x 120 cm6802511,00  (82,88 kn) /sht
10 154 023Cotton Blotting Paper80 x 120 cm330.7,82  (58,92 kn) /sht

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