Demco® Princeton magazine rack

9,28  (69,92 kn) 12,51  (94,26 kn) /pc

Demco® Princeton racks make it possible to place a year’s worth of magazines within easy reach. The durable one-piece construction is made of chemically stable polypropylene, and the stability of the stand is ensured by six supports. These wide racks with rounded corners offer the possibility of storing almost all types of magazines. The design of the stand allows easy viewing of the covers.

Available in colors: black, blue, red, green, transparent.

SKUSize (HxWxL) cmBojaPriceBuy
1425572020.8×11.4×20.8Black12,51  (94,26 kn) /pc
1425553020.8×11.4×20.8Blue9,28  (69,92 kn) /pc
1425552020.8×11.4×20.8Red12,51  (94,26 kn) /pc
1425554020.8×11.4×20.8Green9,28  (69,92 kn) /pc
1425576020.8×11.4×20.8Transparent12,51  (94,26 kn) /pc

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