Jade 403 pH neutral adhesive

34,88  (262,80 kn) /pc

Archival-quality polyvinyl acetate (PVA) glue dries semi-transparent and minimizes the possibility of wrinkling and creating waves on the paper.

The glue is easy to use and leaves enough time to finish the material before it dries completely.

It is made specifically for conservation materials. After drying, it remains flexible, and does not become brittle as it ages. Adheres to most surfaces and can be mixed with methylcellulose to slow drying time.

  • tested and approved by conservators and restorers
  • pH-neutral
  • under suitable conditions it does not become brittle with aging
  • can be applied to most materials other than metals
  • not yellow
  • does not release gases after drying
  • without ingredients of animal origin

We will not be able to replace the glue that freezes during transport or refund the funds paid.

60 JADE403Q950 ml34,88  (262,80 kn) /pc

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