Archival Boxes for Vinyl Records

0,418,30 /pc

These boxes are designed to store classic records, record covers or other large objects in an archival safe and dust free environment. Safe access on the stored content is guaranteed through the large drawer opening.

  • archival board Premium
  • acid-free
  • pH neutral
  • calcium carbonate buffered
  • PAT
  • flat delivery, manual assembly
SKUProduct nameZa format (cm)Internal size (cm)Thickness (mm)PriceBuy
20 P28131Arhivska kutija za pločeSingle-format s futrolom / 21.2 x 21.0 x,57 /pc
20 P28125Arhivska kutija za pločeFormat LP gramofonske ploče s futrolom / 32.0 x 32.0 x,30 /pc
20 69103Uložnica za ploče (Plava).18.5 x 18.5225 g/m21,67 /pc
20 69100Uložnica za ploče (Plava).27.0 x 26.5225 g/m21,80 /pc
20 69105Uložnica za ploče (Plava).31.5 x 31.5225 g/m22,06 /pc
20 69115Polipropilenska zaštitna uložnica za gramofonske ploče.18.0 x 18.3150 μm (0.15 mm)0,41 /pc

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